04.24.2018 - by Kylie Morgan
2018 Drive Electric Awards Nomination Form

The nomination form is now closed.


Plug In America has created the Drive Electric Awards to shine a spotlight on the people and organizations striving to accelerate the transition to vehicle electrification in the United States. The first awards will be presented at the National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) 2018 kick off reception on September 6 in Los Angeles. Awardees will also receive a specially designed trophy and be announced in a press release.

Paid supporters of Plug In America (who have made a gift of $35 or more in the past year) are eligible to nominate an individual or organization for a Drive Electric Award. If you are not a current paid supporter, please visit the Donate page to make your tax-deductible gift today.

Awards will be presented to:
● NDEW event organizers
● Individuals
● Organizations (governmental, commercial, or non-governmental)

Criteria for judgement:
● Innovation (either in technology, outreach or other areas)
● Market Impact
● Policy Leadership

Nomination process
Nominations may be made by any current paid Plug In America supporter. Each supporter may only make one nomination per year. Current Plug In America staff and Directors are not eligible to win, but may make nominations.  The deadline for 2018 nominations is midnight, Pacific Daylight Time, July 1, 2018. Winners will be selected from among the nominees by a committee appointed by Plug In America’s President. Winners must be available to participate in the awards presentation in Los Angeles either in person or by video link. Awards will be shipped to winners who cannot be present in person.

Contact Kylie Morgan at kmorgan@pluginamerica.org.

What is National Drive Electric Week?
During the week of September 8-16, 2018, more than 100,000 people will attend events across the globe educating the public on the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs). Last year, cities across the country and around the world played host to more than 275 events, and this year we want to reach more people with your help!

Visit National Drive Electric Week for more information.

6 comments on “2018 Drive Electric Awards Nomination Form”
  1. Bob Andersen says:

    from the Denver area………. I’ve promoted the NEV/LSV end of the EV chain since I bought my GEM car in 2011.. I take it to Classic car shows and play with the pretty cars.. also have attended the NDEW events since it was Drive Electric Day.. this last birthday was a ‘Landmark’ as my bride called it as she bought me a Tesla.. with a longer extension cord I can do more.. although with two electric vehicles I do have a hard time deciding which fun ride I’ll drive..

  2. James Bobis says:

    The USA is moving slowly with electric cars as compared to Europe and China.
    My Mitsubishi MiEV is 5 years old and has 60,000 miles and I have not noticed a change in the performance of the batteries.
    Another advantage is there is no maintenance except for new wipers, tires , and changing of the transmission fluid.

  3. James Bobis says:

    only ~ 9000 electric cars in Illinois but California has over 200,000.
    THE Federal Tax $7500 Tax Credit should be renewed
    My Mitsubishi MiEV has 60,000 miles and I do not see anychang in the performance of the batteries.
    Go Electric Car and support the Green movement!

  4. Freddie Winters says:

    America needs to have a realistic and affordable electric transportation for the entry level or lower income people. Some auto companies are ending production of entry level vehicles in favor of trucks, SUV’s and more profitable crossovers just at a time of rising gas prices. Arcimoto gives us a choice at $11,900 base price

  5. Howard Ivan Prager, the CEO of ITBiometrics Inc. says:

    ITBiometric’s new product fingerprint reader supports FOB for car sharing/taxi back end and SDK so car sharing or taxi companies can have absolute identity of users, (unlike phone fingerprint readers which even children can hack), thus eliminating the risk of car theft.

  6. Thomas Schatzman says:

    A very motivational individual who put together the Electric Car Shows here in Charleston, SC

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