04.24.2018 - by Kylie Morgan
2018 Drive Electric Awards Nomination Form
5 comments on “2018 Drive Electric Awards Nomination Form”
  1. James Bobis says:

    The USA is moving slowly with electric cars as compared to Europe and China.
    My Mitsubishi MiEV is 5 years old and has 60,000 miles and I have not noticed a change in the performance of the batteries.
    Another advantage is there is no maintenance except for new wipers, tires , and changing of the transmission fluid.

  2. James Bobis says:

    only ~ 9000 electric cars in Illinois but California has over 200,000.
    THE Federal Tax $7500 Tax Credit should be renewed
    My Mitsubishi MiEV has 60,000 miles and I do not see anychang in the performance of the batteries.
    Go Electric Car and support the Green movement!

  3. Freddie Winters says:

    America needs to have a realistic and affordable electric transportation for the entry level or lower income people. Some auto companies are ending production of entry level vehicles in favor of trucks, SUV’s and more profitable crossovers just at a time of rising gas prices. Arcimoto gives us a choice at $11,900 base price

  4. Howard Ivan Prager, the CEO of ITBiometrics Inc. says:

    ITBiometric’s new product fingerprint reader supports FOB for car sharing/taxi back end and SDK so car sharing or taxi companies can have absolute identity of users, (unlike phone fingerprint readers which even children can hack), thus eliminating the risk of car theft.

  5. Thomas Schatzman says:

    A very motivational individual who put together the Electric Car Shows here in Charleston, SC

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