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10.31.2016 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Ask the EV Experts: Riding Brakes Downhill

First up on our new series, Ask the EV Expert, we field a question from Dave in Arkansas. Have a question of your own? Post it on Facebook, Tweet at us or email us at info@pluginamerica.org #AskTheEVExpert I think I read somewhere we should ride our electric car’s brakes downhill to

10.19.2016 - by John U'Ren
The Debate Rages On: Pure Electric or Plug-In Hybrid?

Are plug-in hybrids merely a stepping stone to an all-battery electric national fleet?  Or are they destined to be a long-term fixture of the American automotive industry?  Two new articles take opposing views on the matter.  Neil Winton of Forbes observes that most major auto manufacturers believe that plug-in hybrids

10.06.2016 - by John U'Ren
On the Ground at NDEW Events Coast to Coast: Staff and Board Reports

Jeff Finn, Treasurer At the Issaquah, WA NDEW event, I spoke with a couple about their EV experience. The husband informed me that they had recently located a reasonably priced used LEAF which was perfect to use for his 24-mile round trip commute to work each day. Unfortunately, his wife

Tech Symposium Covers Wireless Charging, Range and Charging Habits
10.06.2016 - by John U’Ren
Tech Symposium Covers Wireless Charging, Range and Charging Habits

The California Air Resources Board’s Technology Symposium held at the South Coast Air Quality Management District offices this past week offered a glimpse into the future of battery electric vehicles from the industry side. Despite the fact that EV technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade,

Chevy Bolt – A Game Changer
10.04.2016 - by John U'Ren
Chevy Bolt – A Game Changer

The Chevrolet Bolt officially has an EPA-estimated all-electric range of 238 miles.  Wow. That’s far enough to drive from from Dallas to Houston on a single charge. Or from Los Angeles to Palm Springs and back without charging. But the range itself is not what makes the Chevy Bolt a