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12.30.2015 - by Jay Friedland
Happy EV Legislative New Year!

At the beginning of the year I would have never predicted we could accomplish so much for plug-in vehicles at the Federal level. As usual the year starts with hopes and dreams, as well as fears. Our number one legislative priority in Congress is always protecting (and if possible expanding)

12.09.2015 - by wpengine
Paul Gipe of

Bob Tregilus speaks with renewable energy policy guru, Paul Gipe, about his year adventuring around south central California in his EV. Guest’s website(s): Facebook: LinkedIn: Links mentioned in the show: Ollie Danner’s Electric Car Pledge How to Calculate Electric Vehicle Emissions by ZIP Code and Model

12.03.2015 - by Tom Saxton
Bill Gates is Wrong About Electric Vehicles

In a recent interview in the Atlantic, We Need an Energy Miracle, Bill Gates made some statements about our transition to a zero-carbon energy economy and electric vehicles which need to be corrected. On the subject of existing technology and efficiency gains, Gates said: But what we’re asking ourselves to