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10.30.2015 - by Tom Saxton
Do EV Drivers Ever Get Stranded?

Yes, of course, EV drivers get stranded, the same as gas car drivers get stranded. It’s pretty much the same situation in any vehicle. People run out of juice not because of how big the tank or battery is, but because they either aren’t paying attention or choose to play

10.25.2015 - by Tom Saxton
EV Battery Amortization Costs and Vehicle To Grid

There is interest in having electric vehicles participate in the grid in an active, bi-directional way, referred to as vehicle-to-grid or V2G. Instead of firing up expensive on-demand generators that burn fossil fuels, perhaps we could use EVs as a power source to handle demand spikes in a way that

10.15.2015 - by Richard Kelly
The EVs of the 2015 Solar Decathlon

The biennual Solar Decathlon returned to Southern California last week, with a twist. There is a significant difference in the rules this year; a first in the contest s 13-year history. Teams and their houses can now compete in an electric commuting category by making enough electricity to operate a