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08.26.2015 - by wpengine
Zan Dubin Scott on Media & Drive Electric Week

Bob Tregilus talks with National Drive Electric Week and Plug In America co founder Zan Dubin Scott about the history of Plug in America and how to get the media excited about your local National Drive Electric Week event. National Drive Electric Week is coming, the dates are September 12-20. Sign

08.25.2015 - by Tom Saxton
Plug-in Electric Vehicle Sales On Pace to Double First Five Years of Plugless Hybrid Sales

As we near five years since the introduction of plug-in electric vehicles, it’s encouraging to see that total sales are on pace to double that of plugless hybrids for their first five years. This year also marks the fifth annual celebration of National Drive Electric Week. Please join us at

08.03.2015 - by Tom Saxton
Quiet Vehicles and Pedestrians

My wife and I have been driving electric vehicles since 2008, logging over 100,000 electric miles, and have never had an experience where our vehicle’s lack of engine noise created an unsafe situation. However, the issue of quiet vehicles and pedestrians is subtle and complex. I have had a pedestrian