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10.14.2013 - by Chad Schwitters
AC versus DC charging – what is the difference

For many people, it doesn’t matter. DC is faster, and that is all that they need to know. But for the curious, this is a simplified explanation of the difference between AC and DC charging. Technical details are intentionally glossed over here. The reason we have two types of charging

10.07.2013 - by Tom Saxton
Battery Study Updates

At Plug In 2013 in San Diego, I presented some new and updated results from the Plug In America EV battery longevity studies. The Original 1997-2003 Toyota RAV4 EV First up, let’s take a look at a chart showing results from 62 original RAV4 EV owners. These vehicles started production

10.02.2013 - by Richard Kelly
Own a Piece of History

Linda Nicholes, co-founder of Plug In America and long-time advocate for solar energy and plug-in cars, has been on the front lines of the plug-in movement since the beginning. When Tesla announced that they would be selling vehicles to the public, Linda was among the first in line. Her roadster,