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07.30.2013 - by Jennifer Krill
Gasland 2: The Problem and the Solution

Gasland 2: The Problem and the Solution Josh Fox performed a rare feat in cinema – he brought the problem together with the solution all in one frame. The scene I’m talking about comes about 2/3 into the new HBO film Gasland 2, when Chris Paine, the filmmaker of Who

07.11.2013 - by Richard Kelly
Plug In Car Roundup: “Real” vs Compliance

In May 2012, John Voelcker published a great article where he proposed a “real car” test for BEVs: It’s sold outright to consumers, not only leased; and It will sell at least 5,000 or more a year in the U.S. or reach total global sales of 20,000; and It’s offered