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03.14.2013 - by Kirk Brown
What’s In A Name?

We’re headed towards the third iteration of National Plug In Day, scheduled for September 28/29, 2013. We’re hoping to build on last year’s success to see 100 events that reach 100,000 people with test drives and information on how fun and easy it is to own and drive an electric

03.13.2013 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
The Race is On

Do You Live in a Green Car City? The race is on! Some U.S. cities have jumped to the lead in adoption of electrified vehicles. A few of the top 15 are to be expected, and a few others may surprise you. Forbes recently reported on data compiled by R.

03.11.2013 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Helping Plug-in Dealers Achieve Success

The automakers are making some incredible plug-in cars, and owners are more satisfied with them than any other type of car. Between the automakers and the owners are the dealers. It’s more difficult for the dealers; to sell this new type of car, they have to invest in new equipment