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02.28.2013 - by Barry Woods
Time to Join the Party: Early Economic Data on PEV Adoption and Industry Sector Investment

By consciously stimulating consumer deployment and in-state industry development, Oregon and California now have evidence that those investments leverage high economic impact. In late 2009 in Oregon, a few EV oriented businesses, manufacturers and professionals created an industry cluster in a third floor conference room of the Portland Development Commission,

02.21.2013 - by Kirk Brown
Lessons from a Test Drive Disaster

New York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan has now weighed in on the famous John Broder Model S test drive with a “careless” verdict. A public editor review of any story is notable; for the Times to review the story speaks volumes about this moment for electrification. The carelessness in

02.14.2013 - by Kirk Brown
EVs and the Social Era

One key difference between the recent experience with EVs and those prior has been capacity of the digital era to challenge false information put out about the cars. The New York Times recently got caught in another example of poor EV reporting. NYT writer John Broder touted that he outed

02.08.2013 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Your Voice Counts

Plug-in vehicle drivers have never been shy about telling people of our experiences with electric drive. Now, more than ever, people are starting to listen even people who historically haven’t listened to much of what we have to say. At the January 2013 meeting of the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle