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12.30.2012 - by Kirk Brown
Gliding on the Wings of Change

We’re rolling through the Pacific Northwest in Chad’s Model S just past 4 AM in the morning. We’re virtually gliding to Portland, headed to another briefing with colleagues on the outreach plans ahead – one that we’ve done dozens of times in key cities and states as we set a

12.28.2012 - by Tom Saxton
Nissan LEAF Battery Study and New Battery Capacity Warranty

In the summer of 2012, news emerged of Nissan LEAF owners in Tucson, AZ, and other hot-climate areas experiencing unexpectedly large losses of battery capacity. This caused quite a stir in the LEAF owner community. The thread discussing this issue on the My Nissan LEAF (MNL) forum has over 5,000

12.21.2012 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Ten Years After

As of today, winter solstice 2012, I have been driving electric vehicles for ten straight years and generating the electricity for them from sunlight. When Zan and I bought that RAV4 EV we had no idea how it would change our lives, but change them it did. The RAV was