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10.24.2012 - by Marc Geller
The EVCard

As plug-in car drivers, we know that plugging in is no big deal. Most of the time we just plug in at home, charge overnight, and drive off with a full charge when we have somewhere to go. And most of the time that’s all we need. But increasingly, public

10.08.2012 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Let Big Oil Buy You an EV!

Let Big Oil Buy Your EV! Since turning from EV activist to EV advocate to EV salesman, I’ve watched the development and ultimate sale of the Nissan LEAF, and from more of a distance, the Volt, as they burst into the market early last year. At first, we couldn’t come

10.04.2012 - by Tom Saxton
Quiet Vehicles and Pedestrians

I’ve been driving electric vehicles since 2008, logging over 50,000 miles, and have never had an experience where my vehicle’s lack of engine noise created an unsafe situation. However, the issue of quiet vehicles and pedestrians is subtle and complex. I have had a pedestrian walk backwards through the traffic