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05.29.2012 - by Chad Schwitters
Why Plug-in Vehicles Are So Inexpensive

People often tell me that they like the idea of plug-in vehicles but they are just too expensive. Some of them haven’t driven a plug-in and assume the cars aren’t worth much, so they expect them to be very cheap. Others realize that plug-ins have many advantages and are willing

05.15.2012 - by Richard Kelly
The Charge Station Triangle

You know the old fire (or combustion) triangle? The concept that for something to burn, it requires a spark, fuel and oxygen? I think for a successful charge station installation, you have a similar set of requirements. You need good hardware, a good management policy, and a good group of

05.07.2012 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Welcome Kirk Brown!

We are pleased to announce that we have retained Kirk Brown to serve as Plug In America’s Managing Director. This is an important moment for the EV movement and Plug In America. While progress is being made in bringing vehicles to market and securing infrastructure for them, we must substantially