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03.30.2012 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Bob Lutz in Conversation with Plug In America

It felt like a scene from Revenge of the Electric Car when I met Bob Lutz at the North American International Auto Show in January. I was in Detroit to preview the new electrified cars for Plug In America. After just seeing 3 screenings of Chris Paine’s documentary, I had

03.23.2012 - by Linda Nicholes
High-Voltage Sales

Contrary to unrelenting media chatter, the demand for Chevy Volts is up. Clarification: It most certainly is up at Chevrolet of Irvine in Orange County, California. According to Chevy salesman Bob Skeffington, the snappy, extended range vehicles are moving off the lot almost as quickly as they can be trucked

03.15.2012 - by Richard Kelly
If You Can’t Plug Your Car In…

Chevy’s advertising for the Volt has confounded many. Whether they’re playing to people’s fears, or using apologetic marketing, as in the “More Car Than Electric” campaign, fans of plug-ins have never quite been sure if GM is just tone-deaf, or if they’ve re-hired the same marketing department that produced the

03.09.2012 - by Jay Friedland
EV Tax Credit Increase Proposed

Plug In America has worked extremely hard to gain more consumer incentives for plug-in vehicles and we are gratified to see this new presidential policy proposal which will increase the Federal tax credit to $10,000 and make it available at point of purchase. We will work with Congress to try

03.07.2012 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Driving Electric: Sacrifice, or Pleasure?

Fear of plugging in Most people are afraid of plug-in vehicles. It’s not a knife-wielding-psycho kind of fear; it’s more of a broccoli-is-good-for-you kind of wary. They have heard that plug-ins are good for America’s economy, energy security and the environment; but they don’t want to endure the sacrifices that