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07.29.2011 - by Colby Trudeau
How Many Plug-in Vehicles are Available in the US?

You requested it, you got it! Plug In America has updated our Plug-In Vehicle Tracker to allow filtering of vehicles by availability. When visiting the updated Vehicle Tracker, you will notice a new filter option, entitled “Availability”. The new filter will let you view only vehicles that are either currently

07.20.2011 - by Zan Dubin-Scott
Let’s Party!

UPDATED AUGUST 2017 Do you have a new electric car? If so, it’s party time! Specifically, you should consider hosting an Electric DriveWay party. Here’s the basic idea: park your car (and other local plug-ins, if you can get them) in your driveway, and invite anybody and everybody. Friends, neighbors,

07.17.2011 - by Colby Trudeau
Tesla Roadsters Escape LA

If you live in California, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about “Carmageddon”, the closure of I-405 on the weekend of July 16th. To escape from this traffic nightmare, Plug In America member Renee Swenson organized an “Escape from LA” Tesla Roadster rally. Around 10 Roadsters drove from Los Angeles