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12.28.2010 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Ask MoveOn.org to Support Plug In America

Like many of us, the grassroots political action organization MoveOn.org is figuring out its end-of-year charitable donations strategy. You can help them decide! Vote here before Dec. 29 and choose Plug In America’so that MoveOn.org will ask its 5 million supporters across the United States to contribute to our educational

12.24.2010 - by Colby Trudeau
2010 Coming to a Close

It feels like just last week that we were all eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2010, the year of the plug-ins. And here we are today, 2010 is nearly over and we have production EVs from major automakers on the road. Let’s take a look at a few of the

12.21.2010 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
What a Decorative Driveway!

There’s nothing quite like a seasonal boat parade party to rev up ye old holiday spirit, and this year’s lineup of extravagantly lit and decorated vessels gliding past our Huntington Harbor home was no exception. My husband Howard and I took advantage of the nautical spectacle and hosted not one,

12.19.2010 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Historic: CalCars, Prof. Frank Get Plug-in Hybrid Chevy Volt

Professor Andrew Frank of the University of California, Davis has been designing, building, and advocating for plug-in hybrids longer than just about anyone — 30 years or more. Felix Kramer and Ron Gremban, the indefatigueable duo behind the non-profit California Cars Initiative (CalCars), put the drive for plug-in hybrids on

12.17.2010 - by Jay Friedland
Breaking – EV Infrastructure Tax Credit Extension Passed House

Just wanted to let you know that the tax bill with the EV infrastructure tax credit extension passed the House late tonight 277-148. It extends the EV infrastructure tax credit for one year until 12/31/2011 at pre-stimulus levels. This means that the tax credit on an EV charger is 30%

12.17.2010 - by Marc Geller
My Trial LEAF & the trials of public charging

I’ve got a LEAF for a few days. Very exciting. I’ll have a full report soon. But I’ve got to mention one frustration I’ve encountered. Restricted charge stations. In San Francisco at this moment there are, I believe, six deployed new J1772 charge stations. One, a ParkPod unit in the

12.14.2010 - by Colby Trudeau
Our Latest PSA: Clothes

Today, Plug In America launched our fourth PSA, Clothes, which uses clothing as an analogy for vehicle maintenance. Compared to other fuel types, electric cars need very little maintenance, meaining less waste in the landfill and more money in your pocket. In the 45 second clip, electric simply puts on

12.09.2010 - by Tom Saxton
Ten Reasons to be Excited About Electric Vehicles

With all of the talk about the coming electric cars, I’d like to share ten reasons why we should be excited about finally having an electric choice in affordable, practical, freeway-capable cars. My wife and I have been driving pure electric vehicles for over two years now, we no longer

12.08.2010 - by Jay Friedland
Help us get Congress to extend the EV Infrastructure Tax Credit

Last year the US Government approved tax credits for EV charging infrastructure of 50% up to $2,000 for individuals and $50,000 for businesses. Unfortunately this tax credit expires 12/31/2010. Just as plug-in cars are about to get on the road is absolutely the wrong time to end this tax credit.

12.06.2010 - by Zan Dubin-Scott
Our PSA Hits National Televsion

Plug In America’s third PSA, “Hype,” ran on national television today, from start to finish. This is a historic first for us. Sure, we’ve been on the big screen (“Who Killed the Electric Car?”) and our protests and talking-points covered by local TV news. But whodathunk FOX would be the