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11.25.2010 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
How far can you REALLY go in an electric vehicle?

“How far can you REALLY go?” My wife and I both drive electric cars, so we get asked that question a lot. It is almost identical to the “what MPG will I get?” question in a gas car, which also cannot be answered with a single number. The same things

11.23.2010 - by Colby Trudeau
PSAs on Hulu

If you still haven’t heard, several weeks ago, Plug In America released the first two of our seven brand new Public Service Announcements. We released them online, and asked our supporters to contact their local TV stations to request that they air our PSAs. We already have several television stations

11.13.2010 - by Linda Nicholes
What is the Electric Car?

Are you ready to behold the vision of electric cars up on the silver screen once again? While the new film documentary What is the Electric Car?  doesn’t have the high drama of Who Killed the Electric Car?  with the attendant spectacle of EVs heading to the crusher, it does

11.02.2010 - by Richard Kelly
Announcing a New pluginamerica.org

We’ve been saying “It’s coming, it’s coming” for so long now. It feels so good to finally be able to say “It’s here!” Today marks a milestone. After months and months of proposals, design, implementation, and lots and lots of debugging, the new pluginamerica.org takes its first steps. Please bear