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06.25.2010 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Driving Th!nk, Six Years Apart

Th!nk was my first electric car, leased from Ford in 2002-2004. My wife and I loved that little car and were heartbroken when Ford canceled all Th!nk leases. Six years later, I got to drive the Th!nk again. (Photos: New Th!nk in red, old Th!nk in blue.) The company has

06.16.2010 - by Paul Scott
Testing the Leaf on Nissan’s Yokohama track

Dawn broke early this morning in Yokohama, and I was awake to see it since I was still on west coast time. I also couldn’t sleep given this was the day I would finally get to drive the actual Leaf EV, not a converted mule like those I’d driven before.

06.14.2010 - by Linda Nicholes
Think it’s a Go

Eight Plug In America EV drivers recently lined up to test drive a demo Think City electric vehicle. Tim Cunningham, Sales Manager for the Western Region, met the group on June 9 at the Costa Mesa ASG Renaissance Regional Headquarters parking lot for a Q & A huddle prior to

06.12.2010 - by Marc Geller
Shanghai: Amidst the clamor, many glide by silently on two wheels

Shanghai is a mind blower. Exuberant, flashy skyscrapers dot the landscape soaring above the city’s overhead freeways, many claiming their place in the skyline with decorative, synchronized light shows. Immense shopping malls with every major international brand represented are packed with locals out merely for a stroll, the newly rich

06.10.2010 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Reviewing the Brammo Electric Motorcycle

Brammo brought its electric Enertia motorcycle for test rides at the June 5 meeting of the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association, and people seemed to like what they rode. I don’t have a motorcycle license, and it’s a one-seater, so instead of a first-hand account I interviewed two experienced riders