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04.28.2010 - by Linda Nicholes
Hooking Up at South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza, the swanky mega-mall located in Orange County, recently installed a Coulomb network charging station alongside an already-installed Clipper Creek CS-40 charger. Both charging stations are located side-by-side in an underground parking structure beneath the Crate and Barrel Home Store at 3333 Bear Street in Costa Mesa. Mall

04.28.2010 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Pop Quiz: What’s the Most Recycled Product?

Quick — name the consumer product with the highest rate of recycling. Aluminum cans? Nah, a relatively wimpy 50%-80% get recycled. If you’ve been paying attention to Plug In America’s FAQ page, you might guess car batteries — and you’d be right. As John Voelcker reported last week in an

04.21.2010 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
On Earth Day, um, hooray for the military?

Plug In America’supporters tend to come in two flavors — environmentalists and people who are concerned about national security (though many overlap). On Earth Day 2010, both have reason to celebrate a new report, “Reenergizing America’s Defense: How the Armed Forces Are Stepping Forward To Combat Climate Change and Improve

04.16.2010 - by Linda Nicholes
Tesla Trippin’

When I met up with Tesla road warrior Chad Schwitters on April 8 at the LA Tesla store, he was headed north on the 405 back home to Redmond, Washington after driving his roadster to San Diego. It was a convenient meet-up for us two ferocious EV advocates at Tesla’s

04.12.2010 - by Paul Scott
Nissan Turns Over a New Leaf

After running for several years in stealth mode, Nissan reached out to Plug In America two years ago revealing their plans to build an EV for the average consumer, something that would serve the daily driving needs of the vast majority of the world’s drivers. Fast forward to March 29th

04.12.2010 - by Zan Dubin-Scott
She’ll Never Drive a Gas Car

I got to test drive a Chevy Volt today along with a cluster of delighted EV advocates including my friend Jordan Howard, who brought along her 1-year-old sister, Jade. You get it already. The instant Jordan slipped behind the wheel with her sibling, the revelatory thought came to mind among

04.09.2010 - by Richard Kelly
How to Reserve a Nissan LEAF

photo: Nissan Leaf Gallery So you want to buy a LEAF? Nissan laid out a rough outline of their ordering process in a February press release. Registering Nissan says that “registrants will be given first priority” to reserve the car. To be more specific, this means that people who registered

04.07.2010 - by Mary Kathryn Campbell
Inspired by Battery Manufacturing in the US

Plug In America’s team is in Tennessee for a few days! We were Invited by Nissan to have some face time with the entire Leaf team and see where the cars and batteries will be produced here in America’s heartland. We’re in Franklin… just 1/2 hour outside of Nashville with