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10.28.2009 - by Plug In America
What does HUD have to do with EVs How does Microsoft rate?

Having just attended the annual Cascadia Beyond Oil conference at Microsoft’s Redmond campus, I left impressed with how incredibly focused and motivated Pacific Northwest jurisdictions are to electrify their transportation. Just about every Seattle-Metropolitan-area city and county representative was present, along with utilities 90 coordinated partners in all celebrating the

10.22.2009 - by Plug In America
Ford Getting Focused

Ford’s Nancy Gioia, director of global electrification, addressed back-to-back gatherings of local EV advocates, environmentalists, Ford dealers, media, and others in San Francisco today. She came to introduce folks to an all-electric Focus and a plug-in hybrid Escape SUV (though we didn’t get to drive them) and to talk about

10.21.2009 - by Plug In America
Sierra Club Urges California To Prioritize BEVs

There’s power in numbers, so Plug In America likes to work in coalition with like-minded organizations whenever possible. Some of our board members also play active roles in other organizations. Here’s the latest example of the kind of synergy this creates. On October 18, 2009 Sierra Club California (the Club’s